"Warning: do not feed honey to infants under one year." (From the bottle of Shop Rite Grade A Honey in my pantry.)
Honey can contain spores of clostridium botulinum, which causes the food poisoning known as infant botulism. The toxin of this bacteria attacks nerve endings where they meet muscle tissue.
New item at the grocery store, self serve honey in a faux beehive dispenser, wooden with little spouts sticking out the bottom. What caught the eye though, warning sign stuck onto the front, "Do not lift lid, bees will escape".

Would they really be foolish enough to put an openable box of bees in a store full of shoppers? Imagine the fun panic, a swarm of bees diving and chasing after people, screaming running knocking down shelves madness! Each time visting, lifting the lid to find no bees inside, a big let down. Jeremy stole the sign, later visiting his house going to the bathroom, finding it attached to the top of the toilet lid made me laugh.

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