A Greek garment which was the precursor to the toga. It was a simple rectangle, usually about 2 x 4 yards in size. The middle of one long side was placed under the right arm, and the two ends were thrown over the left shoulder, one from in front and one from behind. The weight of the cloth on the left arm made it inconvenient and bulky for military wear, but it if were shortened, it would have been hard to wear, since the weight of the cloth in the front and the back that kept the whole damn thing from falling off.

And keep in mind, frat boys, when you have a 'toga party', what's more likely is that you're having a 'himation party' (although you wouldn't be wearing it correctly, but wait, you don't even wear togas correctly, idiots). Learn to distinguish Greek from Roman you uneducated beer-worshipping swinery.

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