A Progressive Jam-rock band hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of four members, Dan Rochester on electric guitar and vocals, Andrew Terry on accoustic guitar, Michael Terry on bass guitar, and Matt Rochester on percussion.

Here and There has its early roots in a collection of acoustic songs written by vocalist/guitarist Dan Rochester, who was later joined by guitarist Andrew Terry as the two played a handful of acoustic open mics and began to work out the songs. Soon after this, Dan's brother Matt joined the fold playing drums, and the songs began to take on new forms. Finally, Michael Terry, Andrew's brother and Dan's friend since childhood picked up the bass guitar to round out the group. Since then the foursome has developed a unique rock sound with jam elements drawing from a diverse range of musical influences including Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Tool, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, Matthew Good, Rush, Bill Hicks and others.

The band’s defining feature is the dynamism of both their live sets and their recordings. From the melody-driven, Nietzsche-inspired Hold On to the haunting, brooding and vocally astounding Idle Hands, the band keeps audiences riveted with a driving rhythm section, a clash of sound offered by the use of an electric and an acoustic guitar and soaring vocal work. Based out of Waterloo, the band will be touring Ontario and parts of Quebec starting in August of 2005. They’ll be hoping to build provincially what they have already established locally: a loyal, grassroots following. “The band came together out of principles and philosophy,” says guitarist Andrew Terry, “when we started to jam together there was a feeling of a message coming out, one of peace and understanding, but not without elements of our frustration about what we see as obvious shortcomings in our society. We want to help build a community.”

“Take me back to where the trees whisper.”
–-Saratoga Song

Currently, the band is residing with four other friends on the island of Faial, one of nine that comprise the Azores Islands of Portugal. The island is located 1500 kilometres off the coast of Europe, resting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They are busy recording their as yet untitled debut LP. One of the band’s friends came into two pieces of property on the island, and the decision was made to record in what has turned out to be an idyllic paradise. “We chose to record the album here because we think it most accurately reflects the message of both this album and the band as a whole, a philosophy of a simpler way of life, and the sacrifice of excess in favour of the pursuit of spiritual clarity,” says singer Dan Rochester. Living in a village of 300 people, the band has been blown away by the help of the community. “It’s a very communal environment, people are bringing you food every day, always asking you what they can do to help, and the place is just overflowing with a real love of life,” describes bassist Michael Terry. “This mode of sharing and happiness is something that really resonates with our core feeling as a group.” The band will be completing the recording in early July and moving back to Waterloo on July 10 to begin preparations for the first tour. For more information about the Azores trip check out the following press clipping from the Queen’s Journal. High-quality photos are available in the gallery section of the website. MP3s of the band's demo EP, "Old Wheelsie" are also available in the media section of the website.

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