Imagine if someone were to examine one day of your life, connecting the events and choices you make to the smallest actions of strangers around you.

This is exactly what this film is about.

Set in Paris, it follows six individuals through the course of one day, showing the outcomes of their most random and insignificant actions. Loosely made to illustrate the chaos theory, shows how every incident that occurs, from the falling of a leaf to a little boy's nightmare, is linked to something greater. The plot is wonderfully complex, and so artfully incorporated into the film, it becomes one with the natural flow of the characters' lives.

I think it would be impossible to provide some sort of synopsis of the film. The relationships between the six main characters, (as well as any others that occasionally appear), are so intricate, any attempt to describe them would only confuse you. The film has an underlying romantic theme, but I do not consider it to be the essence of the story. I see it as a snapshot of life, but with the unknowns removed, so that it is possible to trace the direct connections between every single thing that happens in the world. Although it does not always seem coherent, the film is truly amazing once you begin to see all the minute nuances of life that it so skillfully portrays.

"…They say that the beating of a butterfly's wings in the Atlantic can cause a hurricane in the Pacific…"

Original Title: Le Battement d'Ailes du Papillon (The Beating of a Butterfly's Wings)

Director: Laurent Firode

Audrey Tautou - Irene
Foudel Yones - Eric Savin
Nathalie Besancon - Marie
Eric Feldman - Luc
Irene Ismailoff - Marie
Lysiene Meis - Elsa

Language: French

Running Time: 90 minutes

MPAARating : R

An unexpected happening; a chance circumstance. It can be used as either an adjective or a noun.

A combination of the words happen and circumstance. claims that it was first seen in 1897, but I can't find any confirmation of this.

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