Games usually played by girls from about 1st to 5th grade. There are complicated hand-motions for some of the rhymes, but the most basic pattern is quite easy to learn. Most of these games are accompanied by some sort of rhyme, similiar to the rhymes used in jump rope. However, since these games seem to be a "girl thing" I have found that a lot of males (who may be very good at athletics or playing drums) still have a hard time learning the hand motions. Since your girlfriend may be just goofing around sometime and start some unrecognized clapping, or if you have a little sister you want to bond with, I thought that I would try to describe the basic pattern for those interested.

Here goes:

1. Put your left hand, palm up, at about waist level.
2. Right hand, palm down, about a foot higher than the left hand
3. This requires a second person, facing you, with hands opposite, so that person's right hand is palm-down above your palm-up left hand, and his/her left hand is palm-up below your palm-down right hand.
4. Bring your hands to meet your partner's (ie, your left hand up, right hand down.)
5. Next give the person a double high-five, or in other words put both of your hands vertically so that your palms face your partner and "clap" his/her matching hands.
6. Clap your hands together.
7. Add an appropriate rhyme.

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