Do you need an excuse to drink?

Okay. We all need an excuse to drink, the question is just how good of an excuse do you need. Personally I find the sun rising to be a wonderful occasion for a cocktail - but some say I have issues. That said a graffiti party is actually quite fun, combining blatant groping with a memorable souvenir, not to mention getting shitty drunk.

  • Just what the fuck is it? - a graffiti party usually starts out just like any other decent party, a little pre-gaming in your room perhaps, put some slick duds on - you know how it goes. However, at a graffiti party you need to do a couple extra things...

    1. Wear white - at least a white t-shirt.
    2. Bring a sharpie, this will come in handy later.
    3. Bring an extra sharpie, you will lose the first one.

  • Now the fun begins - These types of parties are pretty popular around where I go to school, held in frat houses and private homes alike they often get quite large but are rarely busted up by the police. Just enjoy yourself for awhile, drink, dance, find some hotties you wanna touch.

  • You should now be drunk - Okay, I lied before - this is when the fun really begins. Once everyone gets good and wasted it's time to start writing on each other. Yes, you read that correctly. Write on each other. Just write crazy shit, or grab a titty and outline your hand - it's all good! By the end of the night you should have lost your sharpies, it happens, and hopefully found a cute little something to come home with you.

  • But wait! There's more! - The absolute best part of the whole deal isn't the drinking, or carousing, or even grabbing of titties. Nay, the very best part is the t-shirt you'll have in the morning... assuming you don't leave it somewhere, or puke on it, or give it away. This shirt is a lasting testament to your night of binge drinking - a night you no doubt forgot.

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