• Definition - A thirty-rack is simply a package of thirty beers. This is not a brand specific term and can easily refer to any, usually cheap, beer.

    i.e. "Go grab a couple thirty-racks for tonight."

  • Origins - There is a lot of mystery surrounding the creation of this term and I received a couple different explanations.
    1. slur theory - The idea is that thirty-rack is simply a mispronunciation of thirty-pack. This is certainly possible, but there must be another explanation…
    2. shelf theory - This stems from the fact that thirty-racks have a cardboard shelf in them, fifteen beers on bottom, fifteen on top. This is my favorite explanation, but there could always be another I've never heard.

  • Significance - In New York state the formerly ubiquitous keg has almost instantly been replaced by large numbers of thirty-racks at almost all parties where underage people may be served. This is a direct result of the newest keg restricting legislation requiring a huge deposit, adult signature, and liability for the purchaser. Although nowhere near as cheap as a keg, thirties aren't too bad as long as you can get them at a super market, paying gas station prices for beer is a sure way to get raped.

    c/oz = cents per ounce
    Single Beer - 12  oz - $1.20  - 10   c/oz
    Forty*      - 40  oz - $1.50  - 3.75 c/oz
    Six Pack    - 72  oz - $5.00  - 6.94 c/oz
    Twelve Pack - 144 oz - $8.00  - 5.55 c/oz 
    18 Pack     - 216 oz - $11.50 - 5.32 c/oz
    24 Pack     - 288 oz - $16.00 - 5.55 c/oz
    30-Rack     - 360 oz - $15.00 - 4.1  c/oz

    *Forties are usually malt liquor, which is 7-8% alcohol normal beer is only about 5%.

    These are just rough estimates on my own cheap beer buying experience, there is a massive difference in taste, but perhaps more importantly, alcohol content between brands and types of beers. Light beers are usually around 3.3-4.5% alcohol while beast ice (Milwaukee’s Best Ice) is 5.9% alcohol. Choose your beer appropriately, I’ve found two thirties of regular to every thirty of light beer allows for each grown-ass man to have real beer, and every whiny puss-puss can have Coors Light.

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