A "gay friend" need not necessarily be gay. A definition in common usage within my circle of friends is as follows:

A male friend of a female, who is told intimate secrets, and is given a lot of trust from the female, all on the premise that the "gay friend" is not a potential mate, and therefore not a "threat." Often, the female will "flirt" with the male, but just for fun, because he is seen as no threat. There have even been reported cases of the female dressing and undressing in front of the male at will, as if the "gay friend" were just one of the female's girl friends. I'm sure the origin of the term was indeed rooted in the belief that the male was gay, but these days, it is applied liberally, to any male who is not seen as a possible boyfriend.

The most important thing about being a gay friend is recognition of the fact that you are one. If a girl talks to you about things that she normally wouldn't talk about to a guy, or doesn't mind changing clothes when you are in the room, there is a good chance that you are a gay friend. Hell, you are probably the mayor of the friend zone. There is no use in hoping that she will ever want you in that way; it would only drive you insane. If you can't stand being just a gay friend, get the hell out of the kitchen, because you will just continue to feel worse. Trust me, I've been there, I am there. Daily.

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