When you see commercials for upcoming specials on television, how do they get the footage? These one-time events have not yet occurred, and they are carried live. Yet you consistently see footage of the event before hand in advertising.

The spring season schedule is packed with such events, from the Academy Awards to the Superbowl. Then there is always the constant need for footage for things like late night talk shows. How do we get this footage? The future-cameraman can.

CKCO requires a co-op for training in the role of future-cameraman. Your job title is as simple as it is exciting. You will become an apprentice, and travel forward in time with an experienced future-cameraman to get footage of these events.

Get some shots of favorite actresses coming down the runway in the finest designer dresses. Get a few seconds of tonight’s guest on Letterman. The duties are endless and exciting. The crews on site will expect you, as they know the importance of advertising to make their programs successful.

Who is the ideal candidate? You are energetic and eager to travel. You enjoy taking on new skills and have excellent interpersonal abilities. You are proficient with Microsoft Office.

Some companies let you shape the future. With us, you can record it. Future-cameraman. See all you can be.

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