As you grow up you meet a lot of people. Some people you meet are ones that you will occasionally talk to, others are ones who you will be with all the time. Whether you have 2 friends or 100, a friend is a friend and thats what matters most. People these days are so caught up on being the popular one and having all the friends. Well i say fuck that. To get through life thats all you need is one good friend who will be there through good times and bad times. A friend is someone who you don't have to lie to and doesn't matter how much of a dork you really are. You don't have to play all cool when you're around them, because they like you for you and not because you are the hottest kid in school. That one friend you have wont lie to you, or use you, but be there for you at all times. I would rather have one friend for life, then 100 for a week, month, or year.

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