'Freeform' refers
                    to any one thing
                without a particular
                     pattern or form

                   Freeform in verse
    defies what 'verse' actually is:

                     Is it all about
                   rhythm and rhyme?

      Is there something more to it?
            is it all about the form
           or all about the content?

            It speaks of a challenge
                  to modern creators
                   and also curators

           "throw away the old rules
                to see for ourselves
               what language can do"


Even though freeform verse
has no traditional rules
it must have some style
unless you want it to die

The 'pedia refers
to the flow of natural speech
to put into paper
the way you speak to the air

Free verse uses rhythm
free verse has some repetition
free verse is all about sound
the way one addresses the crowd

free verse knows grammar's own rules
punctuation and some meter too
it uses
    white space
        within pages
and sometimes line breaks
    (dramatic exchanges)


Freedom from form
is always a headache:
"is this 'freeform' hip
or simply, merely retarded?"

it's sometimes a way
for lazy prose writers
to break into poems
without some detractors

a gateway to fame
to become a seasoned artist
a man of all talents
a renaissance writer
a chronicler of common things
a poet to those greater pow'rs

freeform in verse
    a valid excuse
to subtly ignore
    (some of) the rules
while getting, offended
    and yelling, demented
"stop oppressing my art
    you conformist swine!"

BQ14: 253 words

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