A Foam party is sort of like a regular dance party or the kind of party that you would find at your local college frat. With the exception that the entire floor is covered with foam and you're expected to wear shorts/bathing suites. Most people find these enormously fun. Some people hide beers in the foam forcing people to dive right in. Make sure and not open your eyes in the foam though, because it can really sting.

The last particular foam party which I attended had foam that was quite high, sometimes over my head by several inches (so at least 6' high or so). The downside of foam parties is that by dancing in the foam, you get drenched in whatever kind of soap was used to make the foam. Dancing, in the modern club bump and grind form, is absolutely wonderful, when your lovely companion is all covered in soapy bubbles. Beach balls and other such pool toys make great additions to the party, and some places even have a bar right alongside the pool of foam. Just make sure your valuables are stashed in some sort of watertight enclosure such as a Ziploc baggie. Of particular note (for reference) during the summer one place that foam parties can be found is the State Palace Theater in New Orleans every Saturday night. If you ever get a chance to go to a foam party, don't pass it up!

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