Self-deprecation. Saying negative things about oneself to prompt others to deny them and say something positive or complimentary

A valid, if somewhat irritating means of gaining reassurance when required

First, the line is baited.

You're depressed. You've been dissed, hurt, slighted, or you're just plain bored.

Then, it is cast out into the water.

When you're amongst sympathetic friends, you perform a conspicuously plaintive, disgusted, "I hate myself" type of sigh.

When someone says "what's wrong?",

You know you're getting nibbles.

Tease the fish a little,

Saying, in another sad sigh, "I don't know."

When someone persists,

Give the fishing rod a big tug.

You sigh again, and begin. "I just feel so.....unhappy right now."

When they pat you on the back,

and tell you how great you really are,

You know you've hooked a big sucker.

Also a short living german girl group. They only had one nearly hit. So they are one of those nearly-one-hit-wonders which go to show to show and everybody says they've made the summer-hit (or whatever season is coming to an end at the moment) of this year.
But actually they've never sold really many albums.

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