SlightlyMadman and I were in the City Cafe buying coffee drinks one Saturday. He pointed out an older man sitting alone at a table, drinking coffee and poring over a newspaper. He said that the man frequented the inferior bagel shop at which he used to work, and that he reminded him of Sean Connery. I admitted to a very slight resemblance. We did our thing with the honey and cream and left the cafe. Before the door could close behind us, the old man stuck his head out and said:
"I just wanted to say you look very fishy today."
Me:"Excuse me?"
Old man:"Very fishy, very pretty, the colors, they shimmer like scales...very fishy..."
At this point I understood that he was referring to my blue tank top, skirt with blue, black, green, and yellow, diagonal stripes, and iridescent purple lipstick.
"Well, I am a water sign, so that's appropriate. Thank you." I replied. We walked down Eager St., and I mused on how I'd rather be deemed fishy by an eccentric old man than called 'hot' by a young buck, any day.

Make your compliments unique, odd, and memorable.

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