I regret to have to announce the recent passing of `Speckles', whose lifeless body was found floating in his tank early this afternoon. The cause of death is currently unknown but is not thought to be suspicious.

He was universally known for his distinctive colouration and stoic approach to life. All will remember with sad fondness the aura of humility and piscinity that he exuded. He was certainly not a pious fish. Indeed, many can recount numerous examples of his dry wit and gentle, self deprecating humour.

His sad death follows just days after the sad passing of `Warhol' and which was known to have shaken him severely. Their common off-gold colouration formed the basis for a strong spiritual bond which, when broken, left `Speckles' visibly traumatized and inevitably hastened his demise.

Said one of his closest acquaintances, "He was one of the last of the Old School. We will not see his like again."

`Speckles' 1999-2000

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