Filofax is one of those brand names, such as Hoover and Kleenex (see trademark dilution), that have achieved the fame of being included in dictionaries as part of the English language, although its birth in 1921 was a little late for an inclusion in Webster 1913. A Filofax was a symbol of success in the 1980s, implying that its owner had so many connections, contacts and appointments that this portable personal filing system in a loose-leaf ring-binder was essential to get through the day. A real manager's tool...

Many high-fliers in the 1990s and later have switched to filing their facts on pocket computers and PDA's. The official Filofax ( answer to this development is as follows:

There are currently at least twice as many paper-based personal organiser users than electronic. There will always be a large section of people who want a hand written personal version and many who are uncomfortable with electronic gadgets.

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