English idiom meaning to accept the consequences of one's actions. There is uncertainty as to its origin, because in the phrase's earlier usage (1850s) it meant to have courage in general, not just when facing the consequences of something. It is likely derived from either theatre or military.

When a nervous theatrical performer would go on stage they would not only be facing the audience, but the orchestra as well.
When an English soldier was being dismissed from his regiment it was sometimes the practice for the band to play "Rogue's March."

When I walked to my neighbor's door I thought, "It is my fault for flooding her basement. Now I have to face the music; I hope she isn't too mad."

Syndicated game show hosted by former TV Tarzan Ron Ely, which ran from January 1980 until September 1981 and could be described pretty much as "Name That Tune" with pictures.

Three contestants began the game. In the first round, the contestants saw six pictures of famous people, places, or things. The orchestra then played various songs, some with vocal accompaniment by Lisa Donovan; contestants earned points by being the first to ring in, name the song, and name which picture the song went with.

In the second round, the orchestra played several songs that provided clues to the identity of a person, place, or thing, and the contestants would ring in to name each song and then try to solve the puzzle to earn points.

The contestant with the lowest score was eliminated before the third round, which was played essentially the same way as the second round.

After the third round, the winning contestant would go on to play the final round against the previous show’s winner. In this round, six pictures of a celebrity, ranging from a baby picture to a fairly current photo, were displayed in turn while the orchestra played songs to provide clues to the person’s identity. The prize amount dropped as more pictures were revealed, from $10,000 in cash if someone could identify the person after seeing only the first picture all the way down to a $1,000 prize package if it took all six pictures.

The winner of the final round came back on the next show to play that show’s winner. The bonus prize after winning five times in a row was a Datsun 310 automobile; after ten times, it was a trip around the world.

After its original run in syndication, "Face the Music" was seen in reruns on the CBN cable network, then on USA Network, and then on the Family Channel, paired up with "Name That Tune" reruns, naturally.

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