eyeQ is a software program designed by Infmind (http://www.infmind.com). The purpose of the program is to train your eyes to be able to read and process information 2 to 10 times faster. Infmind claims that you will be able to double your current reading speed in only 7 minutes!

They way the software works is unique. It will teach you to widen your peripheral vision, strengthen your eye muscles, and to stop reading the words but to visualize them as images. As children, most people were taught to read words aloud in that person's head. Instead, the software attempts to stop this type of interpretation and make someone see words at a very fast pace

Currenly, i've been using eyeQ for about three weeks and have taken my reading speed from about 300 words per minute to nearly 1000 words per minute. Additionally, my eyes are never tired and I've been able to stay up later and do better at sports like raquetball and billiards. The software is helping me out tremendously in my college curriculum.

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