Ethical investing involves putting one's financial resources into stocks and funds which have minimal harmful impact on human rights, the environment, and other social issues. Although ethical investors do not base their investments on profit returns, they often reap a larger return than those simply buying stocks because they are expected to rise in value. The long-term returns are extremely good compared to profit-based investing.

For example, investing in alternative energy technologies, while most brokers would say is risky, is likely to prove smart when rolling blackouts permeate more and more of North America. Ethical investors have faith in their investments, because they know that they are the right choice, even if in the short-term their value is low.

While many people will tell you that in economic recession, military stocks, alcohol, and tobacco will give almost guaranteed profitable returns, these are not the only ones that will. The length of the next world war is indeed going to be determined by the quantity of investment by ordinary citizens in the technology used. Keep this in mind, because you do have a choice.

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