They have the coolest commercial for this stuff. Important thing to remember - Elite Instant Coffee comes in small foil packets.

A guy and a girl are sitting on opposite ends of a crowded bar. The guy writes a note on a napkin and sends it to the girl via the bartender. The note reads: "Want to go for coffee?" She nods yes. They leave.

We next see them getting friendly in the doorway of his apartment. The girl reaches into the guy's pocket, finds a packet of coffee, and says "Coffee, huh?" without actually looking at what she is holding. The guy says: "Yeah, coffee. How many sugars do you want?" She then sees that she is holding coffee, and tells him two sugars.

Last shot is the two of them sitting on the couch, watching TV, and drinking coffee. They put the coffee down and start making out like there's no tomorrow. End commercial.

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