I have an old fill-in-the-blanks scrapbook lying around somewhere that I completed as an innocent six year old. The best entry has got to be this one:

My favourite sport is: .......egg and spoon race.......

Maybe one day it will feature in the Olympics.

The egg and spoon race is a classic children's school sports day event. Its rules are very simple. The runners line up at the start carrying one hard boiled egg balanced on an appropriately sized spoon. Touching the egg is strictly forbidden.

The teacher starts the race: Ready, Steady . . . GO!

And you're off. Not too fast, you'll drop the egg. Dropping the egg will waste valuable seconds as you scramble to pick it up again. (hardcore egg-and-spooners would rule you disqualified at this point) But don't nurse that egg too slowly, you'll never win. Grace and speed, that's the beauty of egg and spoon. Any cheating or ungentlemanly conduct will earn you a good telling off and a possible ban from remaining sports day events.

A little speed, skill and luck will win you glory, chocolate and a nice shiny winners rosette.

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