Every British school has a sports day, which falls in almost all cases in the Summer Term. There is a variety of different track and field events, such as races, shot put, hurdles, javelin and so on. Often, this day provides the grand finale of a House competition, and whichever house wins over all on sports day usually walks away as house champion also.

Sports day, it seems, divides any school in to the sporty and the non-sporty. There are those who will gladly participate in any event, and those who dread the annual allocating of sports. I fall into the second category, and am proud to say that I have now avoided participating in any event at sports day. In my opinion, it is much more fun to sit on a grassy bank in the May sunshine, picking daisies and throwing cut grass at your friends.

Sports day at primary school, however, is a different kettle of fish altogether. The events are fun, but it is often the case that every child is required to compete in something. The less able usually opt for the obstacle race, the egg and spoon race or some other joke event. The highlight of any sports day at a junior school has to be the mums' race, which is always highly entertaining.

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