A New York company which produces professional quality juggling equipment. Their stuff is very expensive, but arguably the best there is. Products include clubs, torches, devil sticks, diabolos, juggling balls, cigar boxes, knives, ropes, whips, spinning plates, rola bolas, unicycles, rings and other stuff.

The only reason I'm writing this is because no one else has. To only have a 'dube' node about some American company, to me seems, well, un-American.

Sometimes spelled "doob" as well. Slang name for marijuana. Shortened from "dubie" (which was a more common term in the 60's). Other slang names for marijuana include, but are not limited to: "pot" (universaly accepted regardless of timeline), "reefer"(another 60's term), bud (refering to the buds of the female marijuana plant from which we get the THC, or Tetra-Hydra Canabinol, the chemical compound in the plant that gets you high), "joint", "spliff" (more late 70's - early 80's), "spleeze" (just a stoned way of saying spliff). "Weed", (refering to the type of plant that it is), "bowl", (meaning smoking a bong rather than a joint), "Ganga", (name from India), "blunt", (60's again), "pinner" (but this refers to the fact that it's a very small dube, and of course, "wacky tabacky" (which, if you say to anyone they'll laugh their heads off, even if they're not already stoned).

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