The only reason I'm writing this is because no one else has. To only have a 'dube' node about some American company, to me seems, well, un-American.

Sometimes spelled "doob" as well. Slang name for marijuana. Shortened from "dubie" (which was a more common term in the 60's). Other slang names for marijuana include, but are not limited to: "pot" (universaly accepted regardless of timeline), "reefer"(another 60's term), bud (refering to the buds of the female marijuana plant from which we get the THC, or Tetra-Hydra Canabinol, the chemical compound in the plant that gets you high), "joint", "spliff" (more late 70's - early 80's), "spleeze" (just a stoned way of saying spliff). "Weed", (refering to the type of plant that it is), "bowl", (meaning smoking a bong rather than a joint), "Ganga", (name from India), "blunt", (60's again), "pinner" (but this refers to the fact that it's a very small dube, and of course, "wacky tabacky" (which, if you say to anyone they'll laugh their heads off, even if they're not already stoned).