A Swedish techno label founded and run by Adam Beyer. Having released 26 vinyls and 1 cd at the time of writing (may 2001), it's the most successful swedish imprint for hard techno (call it minimalistic if you will). The artists responsible for the releases are mostly friends of Adam's and/or people he has in some way collaborated with in djing and/or production through the years. For example, artists such as Cari Lekebusch, Henrik B, Lenk and Marco Carola have contributed to the back catalogue. A typical Drumcode vinyl would have 4 tracks, although a couple feature only 2 and the one cd, to date, is a full album called Protechtion by the man himself, Adam Beyer.

Based in Stockholm, it has been and still is the center of a subgenre of techno music that has, from time to time, been referred to as Stockholm techno. If the specific genre actually exists or if it's simply good old techno is still a matter of discussion. Drumcode has a sister label called Code Red also run by Adam Beyer. The two labels used to share a homepage at http://www.drumcode.se/ which seems to be down at time of writing.

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