Distcc is a program written by Mark Pool, a member of the Samba team. Many others helped; for a complete list see the NEWS file packaged with the source code. This program is designed to distribute the compilation of C and C++ code across a network.

The program does this by having two separate parts: the client -- the thing that sends code off for compilation -- and the daemon -- which listens on volunteer machines for code to compile. Distcc is, of course, open source, available under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL-2) or later. So feel free to hack at it. Post plain text unidiffs to the distcc mail list1.

See the distcc website (distcc.samba.org) for installation directions and current news.

  • 1: The distcc mail list is distcc@lists.samba.org
  • Sources: distcc.samba.org

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