Discourse Time is a phrase that is sometimes used to help describe the difference between the time flow of the creation of a story and its contents.

Discourse Time is the time that flows in what is called the "Expression Plane". This plane is the working environment of an artist, writer, or anyone else who attempts to communicate a flow of events, and contains their expression of the story. It is not limited to real space/time, but is purely the creation of the selectivity involved in the process in narration. Think of it as the "flow of the story"; it is malleable and can be used as a tool.

When the differences between Story Time and Discourse Time are understood, observations can be made about Narrative Time.

You ride the bus from your house to that of a friend. When you arrive, you decide to tell him/her about your trip. You describe in great detail that cute stranger you met, and skip over the dull twenty minutes of bus ride in which nothing important happened. The time it took to tell your friend of the trip, say 5 minutes, is the "Discourse Time".

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