Anachrony is a literary term describing a change in the order of events in discourse time from their logical flow in story time.

Anachrony is split into two categories (assume actual order of events is 1-2-3-4): Anachrony is measured in two ways:
  • Distance - the time between the narrative NOW and the anachrony
  • Amplitude - the length of the anachrony

You are watching a movie. We see Bob, who is watching his child playing in the park. Suddenly, we see Bob as a little boy playing in the same park for a brief moment, than again we see the original scene. This is an analeptic anachrony, or flashback. The amplitude of the anachrony would be brief, since we only saw it for a moment, and the distance of the anachrony would be the time it took for Bob to grow from being the little boy in the flashback to the father we see at the park.

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