The zig-zag motion of a ball in baseball or of a player in football, or, more generally, an act performed to evade or distract.

The Dickson Baseball Dictionary (Paul Dickson, 1989) describes it thusly:

1. n. A slow, tantalizing curveball.
2. n. Term for any odd-breaking pitch, including a suspected spitball.

Dickson notes about five different spellings and then quotes Edward J. Nichols: "The uncertainty as to spelling is typical of terms invented by the players rather than the sports reporters."

Also, when I was younger, a brand of rippled corn chips made by the Wise snack food company. Dipsy Doodles, like all Wise snacks were inhumanly salty. Wise also made Cheez Doodles, an exceptionally good form of cheesy poofs.

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