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Mr. Fiddlehead is a middle aged, grumpy bastard, who thinks the world is generally going to hell in a hand basket, but is willing to give the rest of the world the benefit of the doubt. He can be caustic at times, but is favourably regarded by his friends and loved ones inspite of this characteristic. His favourite activity is drinkin^H^H^H^H^H^H^H watching Coronation Street on Sunday mornings with his sweetie, aka. Poppet. In 2001 he turned over a new leaf and quit smoking and drinking (not necessarily in that order) and feels all the better for it, although Friday evenings can sometimes be boring. Cycling to work, all year round, sun or snow, is his way of releasing stress, although if run down, by some arsehole with a goddamn cell phone shoved in his ear, one more time he may have to hunt the stupid prick down and shove that bloody phone where the sun don't shine. Run off the road twice by this type of idiot in 2001 alone. Some day he hopes that more people will start cycling to work and leave their killing machines at home. He may consider buying another vehicle when hydrogen fuel cells become viable alternative to petroleum fuels He was somewhat distressed to hear that Shrub agrees that fuel cells are an important step beyond the polluting, inefficient, internal combustion engine in popular use today. His resolution for 2002 (heretofore, to be pronounced "two, two naughts and a two") is to use goddamn as a general purpose exclamation to be inserted randomly into any goddamn conversation. He feels that once he hits 60 in 2020 that this goddamn usage will lend a certain cachet, or extravagance, perhaps even eccentricism.