(Note: sometimes descriptive books are referred to as linking books as well, but strictly speaking, that usage is not correct, as there is a distinction between the two.)

Descriptive books, or kormahntee, in the M/R/D/E world, were written by the D'ni using special materials (ink and paper among them), and allowed gateways or links to be created to other universes. A particular descriptive book's text would describe the Age to which the book would eventually link; the text was written using standard D'ni words as well as special symbols known as garohevtee. Note that the link to the other universe was not actually formed until a person (or other organic being) links through; until then, the linking panel would show only static.

It is supposed that usually the texts were written in ordinary books first, then transferred to blank linkable books later when finished, in order to prevent the problem of running out of space.

It is very important to not write contradictions into your descriptive books; writing contradictions in would link to an unstable Age -- after a while (or maybe before a while, depending on the nature of the contradiction) the Age would start to fall apart. Beginner Writers (seltahntee) had this taught to them relentlessly from the start. It is possible to make changes to an Age by writing new text into the descriptive book; if the parameters changed had not yet been observed by anyone and/or the change was small enough, the new specifications would actually affect the Age to which the book linked; however, if the parameters had been observed and/or the changes were too large, the book's link would shift over to a different Age, though any linking books would still point to the original Age.

Primary sources:

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  • The MYSTcommunity forums, at <http://www.mystcommunity.com/forum/>

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