... One of her favorite stories was set in Texas, in the early 1970s.

She was in the middle of her first time following the Grateful Dead around in a VW van with a girl she met in San Francisco and the girl's boyfriend (sort of boyfriend, at least). They were selling flowers, beadwork, hand-made jewelry, little sculptures that they made in the back of the van, weed, whatever they could sell to get gas/food/drug money. Cheryl was beautiful, so that helped. They got a lot of free stuff that way.

One day, in the middle of August, the Dead were playing just outside of Austin. For those who don't know, August in Texas is one of the most unbearably hot places in the world.

As the Dead were playing, she was tripping pretty hard, having taken 2 hits of acid earlier that afternoon. She thought that she saw mirrors in the sand and, taking off her shoes, she danced for hours on the searing hot sand, seeing herself in a thousand mirrors.

Although she stopped doing acid soon after that, got pregnant, and got married, the beauty of that moment has never left her. Given the chance, she will always dance barefoot in the sand.

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