For some reason, parents find it necessary to install a mobile above a baby's crib that hangs shiny, colorful, sometimes even noise-making toys right within or tantalizingly out of the reach of the child. This can entertain them when they're supposed to be sleeping. Now, not having kids myself I shouldn't be the judge, but don't parents complain about babies not getting enough sleep as it is? I would just think that waving brightly colored bees and turtles in their faces would just exacerbate the situation.

The question that this raises to me is, why do we limit this to babies? We should all get the pleasure of playing with things hanging above our beds! I never saw the need for this until I moved into a co-op and my room had hooks in the ceiling from which I could hang my hippie-beads. Coincidentally, the hooks were right above my bed, and when I laid down, the beads came to about a perfect 8 or 10 inches above my face. This situation has already provided me with hours of amusement. I play with them while laying in bed talking on the phone, when I'm laying down drunk on tequila taking a break from the party, when I'm awake but don't want to get up yet. They should make crib mobiles for all ages.

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