Credit card receipts ruin my life.

The problem is, whenever I purchase something with my credit card, they give me a receipt. Normally, for small purchases, I throw these useless bits of paper out immediately. But, when I am on my way to the bin, it dawns on me. The receipt has my precious credit card number and expiry date on it!

So, being slightly paranoid about the remote possibility of someone finding the details amongst the rubbish, and buying stuff with them, I slip it into my wallet to deal with it later.

Inevitably, I find myself at home surrounded by a build up of little receipts that I've been too paranoid to throw out all haunting me. Mocking me beacuase I am too much of a coward to stand up to them, choosing to defer the problem and run away.

Well, you can run, but you can't hide. What do wo with all these receipts? I can't just chuck them all in the bin! The higher relative credit card number bearing receipt/rubbish ratio would make it more likely for the dreaded boogey men to find them! Thereby defying the point of letting them ruin my life by holding onto them.

So, once every few weeks, I get all the receipts that have been haunting me, and I cut them all in the middle of the credit card number. So, I have 2 piles. One bearing the first eight digits, one bearing the last. I throw one pile into my bin, and the other into a bin at the shops/train station, etc.

Then I feel all good again. I've confronted my fears. But, I wonder if I'm taking it all a bit too seriously. Do people actually go through bins? If they do, do they laugh at my half-receipts?

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