conversions : A K&D Selection

Kruder and Dorfmeister - Shadow Records - 1999

The musical gods pull it off again with a pick of songs remixed to perfection. conversions is intelligent acid jazz and drum n bass masterfully done - I could listen to this album for hours. Not incredibly energetic, but relaxing, entertaining mellowness abounds. Reminiscient of while very distinctly different from their DJ-Kicks album. The first five tracks are of a fine quality, and I especially enjoy track six, Find Me. Can't say the same about the next track, another K&D remix of Speechless. I didn't care for it on The K&D Sessions, and I like even less this time. It seems almost out of place on this album, and it's the one negative thing. Good thing the last three tracks make up for it, especially Visible from Space with its spacy background beats and one of a kind samples.

01. DJ unknown face - Dat's cool
02. Dead Calm - Searchin'
03. The Ballistic Brothers - Come On (Simon Templar Mix)
04. Omni Trio - Nu Birth of Cool
05. PFM - One And Only
06. Skanna - Find Me
07. Count Basic K&D Session - Speechless Drum & Bass
08. Hunch - Visible From Space (Aquasky Mix)
09. Space Link - Time Zone
10. Earl Grey - The Lick

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