The Con Suite (also referred to as the Hospitality Suite) is a function space dedicated to providing refreshments for convention members. It usually contains soft drinks in various flavors and snacks. It is not intended to replace the hotel restaurant or the local restaurants and fast food outlets as a source of food for members.

Con Suites vary in their provender by the size and type of the convention. A small convention may have a few 2-liter bottles of soda in a cooler (or maybe just with hotel ice) with some chips and pretzels. Large conventions may deploy rice cookers, toaster ovens, and pay for local soda distributors to bring in soda dispensers for the membership to use. Science fiction convention con suites are sometimes defined as "wet" or "dry" depending on whether or not they serve alcohol.

Con Suites are traditional in science-fiction conventions of just about all sizes, but an anime convention will often not have any con suite at all, or just one for the staff.

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