Anime Detour is a weekend anime convention in Minneapolis, held in late March or early April depending on hotel availability. It is the spawn of Anime Twin Cities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation organized to promote the study of Japanese language & culture through the media of anime and manga.

Originally staged in 2004 with 17 staff members, Detour drew over 1200 attendees. Since then, it has changed hotels three times in order to accommodate its ever-growing attendance; it is now the largest fan-run anime convention in the Midwest. The convention is noted for a large technical department and was for a time criticized by some for the Security Department's paramilitary appearance and enthusiastic enforcement of convention rules pertaining to loitering in (crowded) hallways.

Features of the convention are a cosplay, two raves, large guest roster, mainly consisting of voice actors but also including artists, webcomic authors (Randy Milholland and Pete Abrams have been past guests), authors and poets. The convention is also noted for its AMV contests and panels.

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