What is going on in the world at the moment? No matter what you seem to do lately there is always somebody there that is waiting to mess it all up for you. Invariably, this means

It's going to take you extra time to do something.
It's going to cost you extra money.

You know, the guy on the highway that undertakes you just as you want to pull in on to a different road, or the people that walk down your street after a party somewhere shouting an screaming, waking you up, and effectively screwing up your nights sleep, or breaking a bottle on the path outside your door. Who is going to clear that up?.

Nobody gives a damn about anyone else today, all they are interested in is themselves. They'll park their cars over your driveway while they go to the shops, or visit a friend. Sure, it's great for them, but about you needing to get out in your car? At the supermarket they'll park in the disabled space, to save them having to walk a few extra meters. Why can't people just think of others any more, just a little bit? I do, well at least I used to, but being a decent person seriously does not pay off anymore!

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