Belief builds from scratch Doesn't have to relax, it doesn't need space.
Gavin Degraw "belief"







A thousand pleas go unanswered
From kneeling bars to kitchen tables

And still she believes

Every newscast is filled with undeserved violence
Morning newspapers place injustice above the fold

And still she has faith

What she knows is unknowable
What she embraces is not tangible
She has ample knowledge of the scientific method
But her determination does not come from deductive reasoning

And still she has hope

She prepares for an uncertain future with a faith in miracles
Not because it is irrefutable, because her faith is not about proof

And still she sings hallelujah
When she walks through the secular world
She does not listen for the complaints of the hopeless
She hears only the soft voices of the grateful

And she sings hallelujah
They all sing hallelujah, as one







for Lometa- who would never admit to owning such a collection

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