Cognites are multidimensional creatures that exist in calabi-yau space, but are imprisoned within the cranium. Their presence in the cranium generates cognizance.

Cognites have a natural repulsion for one another, similar to protons within an atomic nucleus, however, as the strong nuclear force overcomes the weak nuclear force, so does a stronger cognizant force that bounds the cognites within the cranium.

Cognites are a unitary form of matter. Like biological matter, cognites are alive. Unlike biological matter, they exist as a single building block, rather than multiple building blocks known to all other biological life.

The cognite's purpose is to inscribe thought into the ego, and to act as a liaison between the id and supergo, and to deliver cognizance into the ego. This task is known as pondering. The rate at which the cognites ponder is known as genius, and the rate of change of genius is known as insanity.

If not for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, these values could be measured and quantitativly described. In Newtonian Physics, this is comparable to Kinematics.

Although cognites are essentially the devices through which humans manipulate The Universe, they do not enjoy their job, and they desire nothing more to quit. They acheive this through what is known in quantum physics as tunnelling, in which the cognite goes from a state of low energy, and "tunnels through" a state of high energy, in order to acheive a state of lower energy. The rate at which cognites acheive this is known as puberty. The rate of change in puberty is known as maturity, and the rate of change of maturity is known as death.

This is in accordance with the Three Laws of Thermodynamics, and is also comparable to Kinematics.

The Theorey Of Cognites may be considered by some a unifying TOE, Theory of Everything.

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