A chef whose reputation has garnered them celebrity status. The number of celebrity chefs has increased in recent years, mostly due to the creation of the Food Network. Here is an attempt at a more or less comprehensive list of chefs and their shows:
James Beard
Julia Child Julia Child
Jeff Smith The Frugal Gourmet
Graham Kerr The Galloping Gourmet
Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck
Emeril Lagasse Essence of Emeril, Emeril Live
Bobby Flay Hot off the Grill, Food Nation
Masuharu Morimoto Iron Chef
Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef
Chen Kenichi Iron Chef
Ming Tsai East Meets West, Ming's Quest
Martin Yan Yan Can Cook, Wok With Yan
Mario Batali Molto Mario, Mario Eats Italy
Tyler Florence Food 911
Alton Brown Good Eats
Masahiko Kobe Iron Chef
Hiroyuki Sakai Iron Chef
Jennifer Paterson Two Fat Ladies
Clarissa Dickson Wright Two Fat Ladies
Ron Seigel Iron Chef
Ishinabe YutakeIron Chef
Michiba RokusaburoIron Chef
Nakamura KoumeiIron Chef

Please /msg me with any additions that should be made to this list.

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