A professional wrestling term, referring to a wrestling move (wrestling maneuver).

This move falls into the category of submission holds, a move designed to inflict pain on the opponent so that he gives up (or taps out).

This was the signature move for the great Iranian professsional (and former Olympic) wrestler, the Iron Sheik.


  • position opponent belly down
  • straddle opponent, facing towards the head
  • sit on opponent's back, or at least get close to sitting on his(her) back
  • pull up on opponent's chin
  • (optional) position opponent's armpits over your knees

Kids, don't try this at home. This move is one of the moves that actually hurt.

Counters for this move:

  • Push yourself up. Don't know why this works, but it usually is accompanied by a look of horror by the person applying the hold.
  • Get into contact with the rope, resulting in referee-mandated release of hold
  • Pretend to die.

Haven't seen this move much recently, probably because it really hurts, and therefore should pretty much result in a quick submission. It's wonderously effective, so like many effective real-fighting techniques, it is horribly boring to watch. Or perhaps people don't do it much in deference to the Iron Sheik.

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