I woke up to a very bizarre dream this morning. It was one of those dreams that you wonder at, secretly worried that the wiring in your head is terribly crossed, shorting out in spectacular subconscious menageries. My first compulsion after one of these romps to Slumberland is to write it down. I save only the strangest specimens for you.

Welcome. To the Twilight Zone.

I find myself equipped to go fishing, walking on a long wooden dock that follows along the side of a red brick wall. The wall is very steep, and it rises directly out of the water. I am not sure how I came to be on the dock, or what I am fishing for, but I am standing on a high platform with a net. My dad is sitting and watching the other people around us fish from various levels of wood platform on the wall.

The water is aquamarine blue, with an almost fake looking turquoise intensity. The depth on this water is also not constant. I see a few people in the water walking as if it is inches deep, while others reel fish in from patches that seem to go down forever. It is a quiet day, and all I can see is the red brick wall, the weird blue sea and the wooden dock that clings to the wall. Then it happens.

My father points at some fishermen that are reeling up madly, obviously hooked onto something titanically big. The man's friends gather around the deep spot, standing in the water ready to capture whatever is being reeled in. It is white and smooth and heading up from the bottom of the lake.

All of a sudden, the man calls out and the crowd gets panicked. It is a Beluga Whale the he has hooked, and obviously, they want to help the stricken animal. The whale has a the most human look on it's face. It's eyes are pinched tight in anger and pain. The crowd gathers around the stricken animal who crests the surface and acts, for all intents and purposes, beached. It is perfectly white, except for angry black eyes and a spot of cartoonish red blood that drips wax-like from the lure it has caught in it's blowhole. The men have abandoned their fishing gear, and the rod of the man who caught the whale hangs from the whale's face. The crowd is splashing in the water and pushing the whale along the shore slowly while my dad and I watch. He points to the whale's far side in alarm and I see a black and white R2 Droid clamped on the whale's side by a metal arm. I explain that it must be doing some good, healing the whale or helping it move, and this calms my father. We continue watching.

The whale is now clearly angry. In the distance, the water begins to boil with splashing white bodies. The crowd in the water is happy to see the whale's pod has come back for it. They rush through the water at incredible speed. The wounded whale dives away from the crowd in magically deep water and rushes to his friends.

The crowd makes a horrible discovery.

The whales are pissed off.

The water becomes dark blue and extremely deep. The white bodies of the rapidly moving whales gleam in the dark water. I notice that they all seem to be bleeding from the same spot as the previously captured whale, but the blood looks fake, blobs of red that don't mix with the water.

A pair of beluga's drive straight up from a deep dive and smash through the dock beside my dad and I, blasting splinters all over. They are destroying the dock by leaping from the water and smashing their bodies against the bottom. The crowd runs in a panic. Several more close calls with destroyed docks and cut off escapes happen while I lead my Dad to the relative safety of a high brick ledge. The ledge is crowded, and I have to protect them from the rampaging animals.

I stand near the edge while a crowd hides behind me. I am filled with a grim determination and righteous fury. How dare they try to kill us? My legs are spread far apart to improve my balance and I watch as a beluga leaps into the air below me. It rushes up in a straight line.

I drive my elbow down into it's upward rushing face. It feels spongy against my blow. The whale falls away to the water below, stunned or dead.

Another leaps up. I cave-in his face with my other elbow, driving it down like the trigger on a six-shooter.

The crowd cheers. I am their savior.

I wake up.

I node.

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