A professional wrestling move. A wrestling maneuver, or wrestling move, if you will.

This move is in the category of submission holds, designed to inflict pain so that the opponent gives up.


  • Get your opponent on the floor, belly up.
  • Insert your left foot in his (her) crotch, and lift his (her) right leg up a bit, and bend it (at the knee) over the opponent's left knee.
  • Lie down yourself, parallel but in the opposite direction (belly up) to your opponent, while you put your right leg on the opponents right lower leg, which is still on top of his left leg.
  • (Alternatively, you could do the mirror image, substituting left for right.)

The name derives from the fact that the opponent's legs are in the shape of the figure four.

This move also fits in the category of the moves that actually hurt, like the camel clutch.

The counters to this move are:

  • Kick the other guy while he's trying to apply the hold.
  • Grab the rope, pulling you and the opponent to the rope if necessary. (Grabbing the rope, or putting any body part on the rope, results in a mandatory release of a hold)
  • Flip over. This is supposed to result in pain for the holder, instead of the holdee.

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