c't has changed very much since the late 80s and early 90s. Then it was a cool magazine for people with a deep understanding of computers. They served a wide diversity of computers like amiga, atari st, c64, cpc and had difficult to understand articles about programming, AI, algorithms, 3d rendering and even about building hardware. They went the same way as e.g. Byte. They realised that the market for stupid users was much bigger and changed their mag for the mass market. Today few articles are fine, other articles are bad and most of the articles are tests of windows software. (Other posters want to tell you, that c't is pro linux. Most of the time they only have one page of linux in a 500 pages magazine).

funzel exaggerates. c't still has usually some quite sophisticated articles about things like hardware internals or algorithms in every issue (the magazine appears bi-weekly. And they're definitely a bit biased towards Linux (and have far more than just one page per issue about it. More like 20-50, I'd say), though they don't let it get in the way of facts. One such fact is that Windows is the most widely-used operating system.

And c't has the best April Fools' Day jokes I've ever seen anywhere. They are very well disguised, usually in an article that really sounds like it might be true if you're not very familiar with that particular field. And they hide an "April Fool!" message within the article! Two examples:

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