Derived from "bubble, bubbly" + "delicious."

Bubblicious is also a brand of chewing gum manufactured by Pfizer. It is the Official Gum of Little League Baseball in the United States. Bubblicious is available in assorted artificial flavors: Blue Blowout®, Bubble Gum, Gonzo Grape™ , Island Squeeze™, Paradise Punch™, Radical Red®, Savage Sour Apple™, Strawberry Splash™, Twisted Tornado®, Watermelon Wave®. Although the brand has trademarked the phrase "The Ultimate Bubble with the Ultimate Flavor," preliminary research suggests that while its flavor may last longer than its competitors (Hollis, 1994; Allyson & Sarah, 2001), bubble size suffers compared to other brands (Molly, 2001; LeAnn, Philip & Margie; Sorian & Dizon, 2001).

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