Trouble in suburbia. You can see it in his sneer; the kid means business.
Cross the park, the Dirt Hills or the street, one end to another.
Wager something good. Like Garbage Pail Kids or the love of a beautiful woman.
Pedal harder.
Accelerate. Veer a couple of times into his path; fuck with him, don't fuck him over.
Pedal harder.
Do what you can to establish eye contact.
Flash a dirty grin.
Pedal harder.
Wipe out.
Back in the days when I participated in cycling road-races, I drag-raced with a Mustang 5.0 litre on my racing bicycle...and guess who won? I did, of course, if you only count the first 200 metres.

The explanation: The human can generate the most torque when pedalling a bicycle.
This is when compared to a car, horse and human sprinter.)

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