What happens when a bad hair day seeps another inch or two into your scalp. Everyone has them, although college students seem to suffer the most for them. Symptoms include:

  • Frequent spoonerisms or malapropisms
  • Taking the wrong turn to the wrong room or the wrong class (or the wrong job)
  • Inability to focus on any one thing for more than ten seconds at a time
  • Having to get two or more forgotten passwords reset in the same morning
  • Repeated failure in counting the amount of loose cash in your pocket
  • Completing the wrong assignment, on an hourly basis

The best treatment for a bad brain day is simply to go back to bed and wait it out. If this is not an option, repeated ingestion of caffeine as needed are recommended, although the primary side effect is the inability to follow through on the aforementioned best treatment. Otherwise, just do your best to get a seat in the back of the room and try to remain invisible so that you don't have to field any questions.

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