Backstabbing is the process of turning on one's allies, drawn from the stories that involve a popular yet ambitious noble nonetheless trusted as a valuable advisor by the king, who plants a sharp, pointed implement into the unsuspecting lumbar regions of the king in a time of crisis, allowing the noble to assume the throne and later be slain in single combat by the Prince, who has come to avenge his father and claim that what which is rightfully his, thus immortalizing the deed to be told by generations to come in song and dance.

There can be a number of reasons that would prompt someone to plant the proverbial knife into their unwitting comrades- for example, you might not want to share the credit for a project that the lot of you were working on; the promotion or raise that the boss is offering is only available to one man and you want that one man to be you; perhaps being an agent of the enemy, you lay in wait hiding among the good guys waiting for a time to destroy them all; or you simply have a desire to be an ass that happens to be inherent with some people. Being a backstabber usually is synonymous with being a traitor and a lying two-faced dog.

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