Unless I am grossly mistaken, Annatto here in Mexico is called achiote, and it is used in the cochinita pibil dish.
It has a distinctive taste, and it dyes things a very beautiful red/orange - very effective splotched on a white shirt.
As a fashion project, you might buy a plain blue silk tie and paint regimental red strips with achiote on it. In an extremity, you could always sacrifice your tie and make cochinita pibil.
From Carib annoto tree producing annatto; the Span. word achiote, see below, is derived from the Náhuatl achíotl

Annatto is a yellowish red dyestuff made from the pulp around the seeds of a tropical tree (Bixa orellana, family Bixaceae). In the period before Columbus' arrival in the New World, the dye was used to decorate the human body. Today the color is extracted from the seeds by lightly frying them in oil, customarily lard, and then discarding the seeds. In Puerto Rico it is called achiote and it is used to add a pleasing color to food. It also lends a slight nutty flavor to foods. The colored oil can be purchased in stores where it is called achiotina.

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